Unik Technologies  

An organization’s knowledge is one of its most valuable assets. We Provide Highly Professional Services thru a strong resource base & professionally competent work force and offer the best of Infrastructural Facilities managed by highly Experienced Personnel who enable us to provide dynamic creative cost-effective & sincere services that includes -

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Qualitative Control and Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Immediate Access of Information

Leadership Team:
The founders of Unik Technologies bring to the table a vast experience in the learning domain having worked across a number of industries and verticals. The result is a perfect combination of business acumen, industry knowledge and technical expertise. Whether it is management, sales or strategy, their hands on approach to every aspect of the business is what sets the team apart. Our aim is to constantly strive to keep abreast of emerging technologies and improvement in existing ones. While the management focuses on the futuristic vision and key business initiatives, equal importance is given to developing a young, motivated and energized team of developers and designers. For this, appropriate training and workshops are a part of our regular schedule. Truly, we believe that our people are our biggest assets.

Why Unik Technologies:


As an industry, learning field has seen tremendous change in the past few years and the flux is continuous. We have been a part of this change and have been able to adapt to its changing needs. This transition period has introduced us to new and modern learning practices both at conceptual and technological levels.

Cost Effective:

Deliverables are relevant to the needs and demands of the client. We always define the scope of a project in an objective way, quantify and relate with the outcome of the process.

Audience focused relevant content:

We design courses for a variety of learning preferences. Content can be adapted as per the requirement and divided into short, relevant segments which address specific development areas, but may also be compiled into complex courses of study.

Quality Focus:

Our approach are homogeneous that ensures high degree of quality in all the deliverables. The learning documentation, tools and evaluation processes are intrinsic part of the project.

One-stop shop:

Our range of services enables us to cater to the learning needs of the client – from beginning to end. From conceptualization, designing and development to deployment, training and support – we have the capabilities to deliver an end-to-end solution for our clients.


We also have options for our clients, to suit their needs – be it time-management, resource-management or budgetary concerns. We can provide custom solutions for individual needs, which align themselves to a particular client and their requirements. We can work on client schedules or time zones. We can provide hard-ware, software or people-support, wherever and whenever needed. We also have multiple models of engagement, which provide the client with freedom to choose the one that works for them best.

Unik Technologies

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Unik Technologies

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Provide all type of Examination Management and Result Processing Solution for Boards and Universities.